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The Economic Indicator Webinar Series offers extensive training on economic indicators useful to understanding your labor market.  The Labor Market Fundamentals module is the introductory course, while the three subsequent modules offer more in-depth training.

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  Missouri Target Career Pathways This webinar covers MERIC’s Target Industry Career Pathway briefs. Career Pathways are a sequence of training and education programs designed to develop a person’s academic and technical skills.  The Target Industry Career Pathway briefs include employment, wage, and skills information and highlights career pathways in each of the Missouri’s seven target industries.  
  Target Industries - click here for webinar This webinar covers the Target Industry Briefs for 2017. This review features the Health Sciences and Services industry brief used as a guide on what to expect and how to understand the information within each industry brief. Information provided in each brief includes statewide industry establishment, employment, and wage data. It also shows occupation employment and wage data by level of training. Instruction is given on how to access this information on the MERIC website and how to sign up for updates through our Gov Delivery service.  
  Missouri Economic Report Logo  - click here for webinar This webinar covers the 2017 Missouri Economic Report which provides a review of the Missouri economy from June 2016 to June 2017. The report provides industry, labor market and demographic data and uses comparative and time-series analysis to understand Missouri’s economic condition as well as the condition of regional economies within the state.  
  Middle Skills Logo - click here for webinar Middle-skill Occupations are an essential part of Missouri’s workforce, accounting for 4 out of every 10 jobs. Meeting the continued demand for middle-skill occupations will be an important factor in maintaining a strong economy in the state. This webinar features highlights from the Missouri Middle Skills Jobs Report and the 2017 State of St. Louis Workforce Report: Skills at the Center of the St. Louis Economy.  
  STEM Logo - click here for webinar STEM and STEM-Related occupations offer opportunities to individuals seeking careers with job openings and good wages.   During this webinar, learn more about the potential for careers in STEM and STEM-Related occupations, including industries that employ people with these skills; average wages; projections for job openings for the occupations; educational requirements and more.   
  Career Grades - click here for webinar Career Grades
Career Grades are given to 800+ occupations based on employment growth, average wage and total job openings. This webinar will introduce users to the publication and show how it can be a valuable tool when searching for the right career path.
  St. Louis Workforce Webinar Logo - click here for webinar This webinar covers the 2016 State of St. Louis Workforce Report. The report uses labor market data and responses from local employers to understand economic and workforce conditions in the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area.  
  Closing the Gap - click here for webinar Closing the Gap
Who is hiring?  What are my options for future employment?  How can I navigate different careers?  If any of these questions have crossed your mind, you should really check out the Closing the Labor Supply & Demand Gap report!
  Labor Market Analysis Logo - click here for webinar Regional Labor Market Analysis
Regional Labor Market Analysis Reports offer data specific to the different areas of the state. The webinar includes an explanation of the measures (workforce demographics, labor supply and demand, commuting patterns, industry employment and occupations) along with ways to use the data in regional planning efforts.
  Career Pathways - click here for webinar Career Pathway
The Career Pathway Webinar explores what is a career pathway and how career pathways can help support jobseekers.
  Occupation Profiles - click here for webinar Occupation Profiles
This webinar will take you through how to use Jobseeker tools such as *O-Net, Real Time Summaries, Employment Projections, and the Wage Explorer Tool to create an Occupation Profile for a Jobseeker.
  Projection and Commuting Pattern Webinar - click here for webinar Short-term Projections & Commuting Patterns
This webinar covers two subjects: Short-Term Employment projections and Workforce Commuting Profiles. Employment projections tell us what we expect the employment to be for a particular industry or occupation at some point in the future for a particular geographic region. Workforce Commuting Profiles provide demographic and industry highlights for area workers as well as commuting patterns showing how people travel in, out, and around a region for employment.
  MERIC website - click here for webinar MERIC Website Overview
Tour the MERIC website and find where all of you data and labor products are located.
  Wage Exlporer Webinar  - click here for webinar Wage Explorer
The Wage Explorer webinar explains how users can query data based on occupational training outcomes. Data available through the Wage Explorer includes entry-level wages, industries, employing the occupations, and work regions after program completion.
  Real Time Labor Market Summary  - click here for webinar Missouri Real Time Labor Market Summary
The Labor Market Summary provides data to understand the current labor market. This webinar walks through the different sections of the publication and explains how to use the information when exploring career options.
  OES Occupations - click here for webinar This webinar covers Occupational Employment and Wage Data. The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program is a Federal-State cooperative effort that produces employment and wage estimates for about 800 different occupations.  
  Long-term Projections - click here for webinar This webinar session will focus on Industry and Occupational projections for 2014-2024. Long term projections can offer insight into questions regarding the future growth or decline of industries and occupations.

  Labor Supply Webinar  - click here for webinar Labor Market Supply and Demand
The Labor Market Supply & Demand Analysis report identifies gaps found between occupational employers need and jobseeker skills and training. This webinar explains the report and how data can point to existing career opportunities.



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