Physical Therapist Assistants ·  Assist physical therapists in providing physical therapy treatments and procedures. May, in accordance with State laws, assist in the development of treatment plans, carry out routine functions, document the progress of treatment, and modify specific treatments in accordance with patient status and within the scope of treatment plans established by a physical therapist. Generally requires formal training.

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Licensing Information ·   Physical Therapy Assistant

Licensing Description:
An applicant for licensure shall be at least 19 years of age, furnish evidence of the board approved education requirements, be examined for physical fitness, and pass a board examination. Contact licensing agency for additional information.

Licensing Agency:
Division Of Professional Registration
Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
3605 Missouri Boulevard
P.O. Box 4
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1335

Licensing History:  

RegionNumber of active licenses in 2012
The South Central Region55

Occupational Tasks ·  Instruct, motivate, safeguard and assist patients as they practice exercises and functional activities.
· Confer with physical therapy staff or others to discuss and evaluate patient information for planning, modifying, and coordinating treatment.
· Administer active and passive manual therapeutic exercises, therapeutic massage, and heat, light, sound, water, and electrical modality treatments, such as ultrasound.
· Observe patients during treatments to compile and evaluate data on patients' responses and progress, and report to physical therapist.
· Measure patients' range-of-joint motion, body parts, and vital signs to determine effects of treatments or for patient evaluations.
· Secure patients into or onto therapy equipment.
· Fit patients for orthopedic braces, prostheses, and supportive devices, such as crutches.
· Train patients in the use of orthopedic braces, prostheses, or supportive devices.
· Transport patients to and from treatment areas, lifting and transferring them according to positioning requirements.
· Monitor operation of equipment and record use of equipment and administration of treatment.
· Clean work area and check and store equipment after treatment.
· Assist patients to dress, undress, or put on and remove supportive devices, such as braces, splints, and slings.
· Administer traction to relieve neck and back pain, using intermittent and static traction equipment.
· Perform clerical duties, such as taking inventory, ordering supplies, answering telephone, taking messages, and filling out forms.

Educational Requirements: ·  Associate degree

Occupational Skill Set
Skill Relevance
·  Active Listening 93%
·  Reading Comprehension 88%
·  Time Management 85%
·  Instructing 84%
·  Writing 82%
·  Critical Thinking 80%
·  Social Perceptiveness 77%
·  Speaking 77%
·  Service Orientation 75%
·  Active Learning 75%