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Agriculture Prevailing Wage Survey 2008

The ABC's of Missouri's Future Workforce, Part 1

Building on Our Inventive Strengths: 40 Years of Use Patents in Missouri

Career Grades 2010-2020

Child and Teen Welfare in Missouri: Does the Economy Play a Role?

Creative Industries

Cross State Commuting Report

Department of Defense Missouri Contracts 2010

Department of Defense Spending in Missouri

Economic Diversification

Economic Hotspots

Employment Growth by Business Size, Part 1
Part 2 (PDF 83 KB)
Part 3
(PDF 58 KB)

Farming Fuel - Ethanol and Biodiesel Impacts in Missouri (9.4 MB)

Forest Products (490 KB)

Gateway Skills 2005: Mathematics & Science Intensive Occupations PDF (552 KB)

Green Jobs Report 2009

Healthcare Occupational Clusters

Health Care Workforce Trends 2010

Health Clusters - November 2005

High-Tech Industries

Hurricane Katrina Maps

Industry Focus

JVS by Math, Engineering, Technology, and Science Occupations

Katrina Power Point Presentation

Income Inequality in Missouri 2000

Information Technology Services Industry Brief Innovation Clusters in the Decade of the 1990s

JVS by Math, Engineering, Technology, and Science Occupations

Labor Market 2013
Part 1 - Labor Supply and Demand

Part 2 - Closing the Gap

Mass Layoffs 2007 to 2011

Middle Skills Occupations 2010-2012

Middle Skills Occupations 2010-2012

Military Personnel Impact Report 2010

Missouri Agricultural Industries

Missouri Business Survey 2010

Missouri Economic Impact from the Film Up in the Air

Missouri Economic Profile: Life Sciences

Missouri Farms and Agribusiness

Missouri Migration Patterns

Missouri Motion Media Industry (PDF 7.9 MB)

Missouri Retail Industry 2000-2007

Regional WIA Retail Industry Reports

Recessionary Employment Effects on Gender and Age 2007-2008

Skills Gap 2008

State of St. Louis Workforce Report - 2009

Strategies for Success in the New Economy

Target Missouri II Studies

Target Industry Competency Model - Energy

Target Industry Competency Model - Life Sciences

Target Industry Competency Model - Transportation

Target Industry Competency Model - Information Technology

Target Industry Clusters 2007

Target Missouri 3 - Industry Drivers of the State Economy

Technology Report Card for Missouri

The Knowledge Divide: Education Inequality in Missouri 2000

Transportation and Economic Prosperity

Tri State Region Profile Report - 2008

Understanding Natural Amenities: Impacts on Population and Employment in Missouri

Vulnerability to Economic Change in Missouri: A County by County Assessment PDF 2004 (379 KB)

Women in the Workforce 2008

Women in the Workforce 2009

Workforce Training in the New Economy

Past Employment Projections

Missouri Career Grades 2018

Statewide Overview

Education & Training Needs for Missouri's Workforce 2018

Top Occupational Opening

Fastest Growing Occupations

Education & Training Needs for Missouri's Workforce 2012

Green Jobs Career Opportunities - Short Term

Green Jobs Career Opportunities - Long term

Missouri Career Outlook - Short Term

Mssouri Career Outlook - Long Term

Green Occupations

WorkKeys® Skills for Missouri Occupations (web view)

WorkKeys® Skills for Missouri Occupations (2-sided printable brochure-81/2" X 11")