Census 2000 South Central Region
People with Disabilities

South Central Region Map

The following maps provide a valuable tool for discovering demographic patterns throughout the South Central Region. Most of the mapping data is based on block-group level estimates from the census long form, which an average of 1 out of 6 households received. For this reason, the maps should be used to reveal demographic patterns, not pinpoint exact block group values. The exceptions are the Population maps which are based on actual counts.

South Central Region Maps

Population Median Household Income Avg. Commute Employed in Education
Pop. over 65 Median House Value Carpool to Work Employed in Retail
Pop. Change 1990-2000 Avg Age of Housing Work at Home Employed in Health Care
Foreign Born House built between
1995 - March 2000
High School Degree or Above Employed in Manufacturing
People with Disabilities Poverty Bach. Degree or Above People on Farms

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