Film-Video Making/Cinematography and Production

Film-Video Making/Cinematography and Production. An instructional program that prepares individuals to communicate dramatic information, ideas, moods, and feelings through the making and producing of films and videos. Includes instruction in theory of film; film technology and equipment operation; film production; film directing; film editing; cinematographic art; film audio; techniques for making specific types of films and/or videos; and the planning and management of film/video operations.

Employment Options

Occupation Employment Average Wage
2000 Estimated 2010 Projected Annual
Avg Openings
Mean Entry Experienced
Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary 1,550 1,890 76 Great no record
Producers and Directors 1,280 1,400 37 Great no record
Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture 670 710 17 Caution $16.24 $7.41 $20.66
Film and Video Editors 200 200 5 Caution $19.59 $10.59 $24.09

Schools offering this program in Missouri*

K C Art Institute
4415 Warwick Blvd
Kansas City, MO. 64111-1874
Phone: (816) 561-4852

* Data Provided by Missouri Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (MOICC)