Biochemistry. An instructional program that describes the chemical processes of living organisms. Includes instruction in the chemical mechanisms of genetic information storage and transmission; the chemistry of cell components; blood chemistry; the chemistry of biological systems and biological products; and the chemistry of life processes such as respiration, digestion and reproduction.

Employment Options

Occupation Employment Average Wage
2000 Estimated 2010 Projected Annual
Avg Openings
Mean Entry Experienced
Natural Sciences Managers 870 890 16 Caution $38.79 $23.87 $46.25
Biochemists and Biophysicists 290 360 17 Caution no record
Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists 260 330 14 Caution no record
Biological Science Teachers, Postsecondary 1,310 1,590 65 Great no record

Schools offering this program in Missouri*

Avila University
11901 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, MO. 64145
Phone: (816) 942-8400

Hannibal Lagrange College
2800 Palmyra Rd
Hannibal, MO. 63401-1999
Phone: (573) 221-3675

Missouri Western State College
4525 Downs Dr
Saint Joseph, MO. 64507-2294
Phone: (816) 271-4583

University of Missouri
105 Jesse Hall
Columbia, MO. 65211-1050
Phone: (573) 882-2121

* Data Provided by Missouri Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (MOICC)