The ABC's of Missouri's Future Workforce, Part 1 OCT 2001
Economic Activity in Missouri: Synopsis of Economic Indicators APR 2001
Missouri Employment Outlook-Projections to 2008 for Industry and Occupations
Missouri Occupation Profiles

 Occupational Employment Projections

An interactive career exploration tool combining occupation projections, education 
and training information, industry projections, and skills data, including

2016-2018 Short-term


2014-2024 Long-term

Data (Excel) - New   Data (Excel)
   - Statewide      - Statewide (2014-2024)
   - Regional (Kansas City and St. Louis)      - Regional (2014-2024)

Short-term Occupation Summaries - New


Long-term Occupation Summaries

Top Openings - State


Top Openings - State

Top Openings - St. Louis


Top Openings - St. Louis

Top Openings - Kansas City


Top Openings - Kansas City

Fastest Growing Occupations - State


Top Openings - Northeast

Fastest Growing Occupations - St. Louis


Top Openings - Northwest

Fastest Growing Occupations - Kansas City


Top Openings - Central


Top Openings - West Central


Top Openings - Ozark


Top Openings - Southwest

Top Openings - South Central


Top Openings - Southeast

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