Economic Diversification and Comparative Advantage:
A Report on Gross State Product in 2000

In 2000, Missouri had the 5th most diversified economy in the United States.

This is indicative of a robust economy, better able to withstand and recover from significant unfavorable changes in any one sector.

Missouri’s economy closely mirrors the national economy and thus national trends are reflected in Missouri trends.

Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and Missouri had the most diversified economies in 2000.

States with the most dependent economies were the District of Columbia, Alaska, Wyoming, Nevada and Delaware.

Missouri’s economy was specialized in Communications (ranked 6th nationally), Wholesale Trade (ranked 11th nationally), Manufacturing of Non-Durable goods (ranked 15th nationally), Transportation and Utilities (ranked 15th nationally), Construction (ranked 16th nationally), Business and Professional Services (ranked 20th nationally) and Durable Goods Manufacturing (ranked 22nd nationally).

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