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Health Care Occupational Clusters

The Health Care and Social Assistance industry is a growing part of Missouri's economy. Over the past decade and a half, Health Care and Social Assistance increased its share of the state’s employment, from 10 percent in 1990 to 12 percent in 2006, adding over 97,000 new jobs.

Employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry is projected to continue growing. For example, from 2004-14, the number of Allied Health careers, including medical and dental assistants is projected to increase by over 23 percent, adding 12,000 jobs due to growth.

Information on wages, training needs, and projected employment in each of the five occupational clusters can be found below.

Allied Health Occupations (1.7 MB)

Nursing Occupations (1.8 MB)

Pharmacy-Related Occupations (2.1 MB)

Physician-Related Occupations (1.5 MB)

Miscellaneous Health Occupations (1.8 MB)

Complete List of Health Occupations (14 KB)



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