August 25, 2016

Office of Social and Economic Analysis Releases County Data Tool
The Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA) has released a county data tool that provides statistics and links on a variety of issues. Topics include the general economy, demographics, agriculture, education, health, and housing information. A Youth and Family category also includes KIDS Count and Senior Report Profiles.

Consumer Credit Explorer
Did you know that nearly 50% of Missourians aged 18-34 had student loan debt at the end of 2015, compared to 36% at the same time in 2005? More youth sought higher education over the past decade as the increase in debt shows. Several Federal Reserve Banks have created a new tool to study and compare consumer debt (auto, student, mortgage, etc.) levels by state, metro, and non-metro areas. You can also see debt levels by Low/Moderate Income Neighborhoods, and Age Groups.

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