August 28, 2015

County Population Change Visualization
SNEVA Economics has put together a visualization of all US counties including Missouri explaining what is driving the Population change in each County. The maps and graphs show how each county grew or declined from natural causes and migration. Johnson County, Missouri from 2010 to 2014 had a net growth that consisted of natural migration of 7,776 and a net natural increase from births and deaths of 39,636.

Taxable Sales Estimates
The Missouri Department of Revenue released preliminary taxable sales estimates for the 2nd Quarter 2015. Approximately $21 billion in taxable sales occurred during the 2nd Quarter in the state, an increase of .17% in actual dollars from the same quarter in 2014. When adjusted for inflation and seasonality, sales increased by .20% from the same quarter last year. This quarter’s year over year growth marks 20 of 21 quarters that there was growth from the same quarter the previous year.

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