April 28, 2016

Missouri’s Taxable Sales Increases
Missouri’s Taxable Sales Increases The Missouri Department of Revenue released preliminary taxable sales estimates for the 4th Quarter 2015. Approximately $22.4 billion in taxable sales occurred during the 4th Quarter in the state, an increase of $650 million in actual dollars from the same quarter in 2014. When adjusted for inflation and seasonality, sales increased by 2.86% from the same quarter last year. This quarter marks the eleventh quarter that Missouri has seen year-over-year growth for inflation and seasonally adjusted taxable sales.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Missouri
The Mexican national holiday of Cinco de Mayo involves some of the largest celebrations in Missouri. MERIC has uncovered such facts as: What is the median age for those of Mexican ancestry living in Missouri? Which products does Missouri export the most of to Mexico?

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