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Important Information Technology Industries



4812 Radiotelephone Communications
4813 Telephone Communications
4822 Telegraph and Other Message Communications
4841 Cable & Other Pay TV Services
4899 Communications Services
7371 Computer Programming Services
7372 Prepackaged Software
7373 Computer & Office Equipment Design
7374 Computer Processing
7375 Information Retrieval Services
7376 Computer Facilities Management Services
7377 Computer Rental & Leasing
7378 Computer Maintenance & Repair
7379 Computer Related Services

Total Firms in Missouri: 3,471

Important Information Technology Occupations

Occupational Title & 
Average Salary

Engineering Managers $74,433
Natural Sciences Managers $71,635
Computer Software Applications Engineers $60,605
Computer Hardware Engineers $58,906
Electrical Engineers $60,070
Financial Managers $59,051
Computer Software Systems Engineers $58,906
Database Administrators $53,310
Computer Systems Analysts $52,998
Computer Programmers $51,626
Electronics Engineers, except Computer $50,565
Operations Research Analysts $45,843
Electrical Power Line Installers & Repairers $40,879
First-Line Supervisors $40,290
Computer Support Specialists $39,478
Telecommunications Line Installers & Repairers $37,294
Training & Development Managers $37,253
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Tech's $35,776

Average Information Technology Salary: $53,563

Economic Impact of
Information Technology in Missouri Direct Jobs:


Indirect Jobs:


Direct Income:


Indirect Income:


Total Per Capita Income Increase:


Total Contribution to Economy:

(1999 Dollars)


8.9% of State Economy
Sources:  ES-202, Missouri Department of Economic Development, REMI

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