Module 4: Guiding Businesses to Use LMI Resources
to Support Human Resource Functions

This is an advanced course, with applied practice, discussing common labor and market challenges faced by employers and how professionals can use LMI to serve employer needs

Audience: Next Generation Career Center leadership, business service representatives, Rapid Response coordinators, Workforce Investment Board members, state and regional planners

Lesson 1 LMI and Business Relations

Study Guide

  • Understand how to better start and sustain a line of communication with regional employers
  • Categorize common challenges faced by businesses
  • Identify data types and LMI sources specific to each category of business challenges
Quiz 1 LMI and Business Relations

Quiz 1

  • Test your knowledge on LMI and business relations challenges
Lesson 2 Practicum-Local Employment Dynamics

Study Guide

  • Extract and compare data from each LED data portal
  • Use LED OnTheMap to build a visual representation of LMI data
Quiz 2 Practicum-Local Employment Dynamics

Quiz 2

  • Test your knowledge on local employment dynamics
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