Module 2: Using Skills Assessments and Career Pathway Planning

This is an intermediate course, with applied practice, to demonstrate the use of Career Planning Data sources, with a focus on O*Net Online and the Missouri Career Exploration Tool, and to train customer-facing staff to assist job seekers in creating a career path, assessing transferable skill sets and exploring related occupations

Audience: Jobseekers, Next Generation Career Center leadership, all Next Generation Career Center counselors, Rapid Response coordinators


Lesson 1 Creating a Career Pathway

Study Aide

  • Implement a four-step process to assist Jobseekers
  • Extract industry trend data from the Missouri Local Employment Household Dynamics
  • Understand national and local industry projections
  • Use industry staffing patterns to determine industry & career outlook
Quiz Lesson 1 Creating a Career Pathway


  • Test your knowledge on creating a career pathway
Lesson 2 Skills Assessments and Career Exploration Tools

Study Aide
(use Lesson 1 above)

  • Navigate the O*Net Online and Missouri Career Exploration Tool sites for occupation searches
  • Complete a related occupation and jobseeker’s transferable skills search
  • Utilize the O*Net Online assessment tools through the O*Net Resource Center
Quiz Lesson 2 Skills Assessments and Career Exploration Tools

Quiz 2

  • Test your knowledge on skills assessment and career exploration tools


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