October 31, 2014

Salary by State: Where you Can Earn the Most
Economic Share measures the percentage of the state's economy that is accounted for by an individual county. The economic share is measured as the average percentage of the state's employment, population and personal income occurring in a particular county. Missouri’s larger metropolitan areas account for a major part of the state’s economy with St. Louis County (19.1%) and Jackson County (11.4%) together tallying nearly one-third of the total.

St. Louis Ranks High in Nation for Home Ownership
Almost seven in ten consumers in the Midwest, which includes Missouri, plan to celebrate Halloween. According to the National Retail Federation Prosper & Analytics survey, Midwest consumers plan to spend an average of $70.11 this year on Halloween costumes, decorations, candy, and greeting cards. Total Halloween spending for the nation is estimated to reach $7.4 billion with more than two-thirds of the nation joining the haunting festivities.


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