June 25, 2015

Missouri 2014 Exports
Missouri’s exports totaled $14.1 billion in 2014, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Foreign Trade Division and WISERTrade. Eight export categories increased by over $8 million, including two categories which increased by over $100 million. The top two categories for net increases in exports were Transportation Equipment with a $509.9 million increase and Chemicals with a $135.9 million increase. Half of all Missouri’s export income came from the top three recipients. Canada purchased almost $4.7 billion in goods, followed by Mexico ($2.3 billion), and China ($872 million).

Science and Engineering Indicators State Data Tool
The State Data Tool presents state-specific information about a variety of science, engineering, technology, and education measures. The tool includes 59 state indicators. By seeing a state's performance—and being able to compare it with other states and changes over time—policymakers, educators, and other users can better assess and enhance programs. The State Data Tool allows you to explore a single indicator in depth, compare multiple indicators for preselected groups, or customize your own indicator.

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