January 23, 2015

Information Technology Occupations are in High Demand in Kansas City
Information Technology Occupations are in high demand in the Kansas City area. IT professionals interact with every level of an organization’s structure and are drivers of innovation at most businesses. Technology now connects people and businesses on a global scale, and an unprecedented number of firms of all types and sizes need help with information technology products. Over 20,000 people are employed in IT occupations in the Kansas City area and the number of jobs continues to increase. From 2012-2022 IT jobs are projected to grow by 18.7 percent, compared to 9.7 percent for all occupations.

County Profile and Comparison Tool Now Available
County economic trends are an essential measure of the well-being of county residents. The conditions of a county economy can constrain and challenge county governments, residents and businesses, while also providing opportunities. This analysis of county economic conditions identifies patterns of growth and recovery in 2014 across the 3,069 county economies by examining annual changes in jobs, unemployment rates, economic output (GDP) and median home prices. In addition, it explores 2013 wage dynamics by adjusting average annual pay in county economies for the local cost-of-living and inflation. Click the county desired and a County Economic Tracker Profile is displayed.

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