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Missouri is home to ten top businesses

Fortune Magazine recently released the 2014 Fortune 500 list. The top five U.S. companies, according to 2013 revenues, were Wal-Mart Stores ($476.2 billion), Exxon Mobil ($407.7 billion), Chevron ($220.4 billion), Berkshire Hathaway ($182.2 billion), and Apple ($170.9 billion). Wal-Mart keeps its number one position on the list, while Apple moves up onto the top five of the list.

Ten Missouri-based companies were included in this year’s Fortune 500 list. Express Scripts (20th) was the state’s highest-ranking company for the 2014 list with revenues of over $104 billion. The company gained four spots over last year’s ranking and increased its revenue by over $10 billion. Other companies that had higher rankings from the previous year were Emerson Electric, Monsanto, Reinsurance Group of America, Centene, O’Reilly Automotive, Graybar, and Edward Jones. Centene ranking increased the most, moving from 303 to 251, or 52 spots. Most of the Missouri companies are headquartered in the St. Louis area, with the exception of O’Reilly Automotive in Springfield.

The ten companies employ over 25,000 people in Missouri and pay wages totaling over $2.7 billion (Source: MERIC, QCEW Program).

Missouri Fortune 500 Companies
Rank Previous Rank Revenues ($mil) Profits ($mil) Headquarters  Primary Business
Express Scripts 20 24 $104,620 $1,845
St. Louis
Health Care - Pharmacy & Other Services
Emerson Electric 121 123 $24,6990 $2,004
St. Louis
Electronics - Electrical Equipment
Monsanto 197 206 $14,861 $2,482
St. Louis
Centene 251 303 $11,130 $165
St. Louis
Insurance - Life, Health (stock)
Reinsurance Group of America 274 275 $10,318 $429
Health Care - Insurance and Managed Care
Peabody Energy 365 315 $7,150 ($525)
St. Louis
Mining; Crude Oil Production
Ameren 379 373 $7,150 $289
St. Louis
Utilities - Gas and Electric
O'Reilly Automotive 390 412 $6,649 $670
Speciality Retaliers - Other
Edward Jones Financial 444 491 $5,716 $674
Des Peres
Graybar Electric 449 465 $5,659 $81
St. Louis
Wholesalers - Diversified

Missouri ranked 16th among the states with ten Fortune 500 company headquarters. Of the surrounding states, Illinois only had more Fortune 500 company headquarters with 32. California and New York had the most Fortune 500 company headquarters in the United States with 54 followed by Texas (52) and Illinois (32). 12 states did not have any Fortune 500 company headquarters. The map below illustrates the number of Forture 500 companies located in each state.

Fortune 500 US Map


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